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Online Study

At the commencement of each qualification, some units may be initially conducted online to provide students time to adapt to their new study program.

  • The college will not deliver more than one-third of the units in the qualification by online mode to international students.
  • The college will ensure that each compulsory study period for the qualification, the international student is studying at least one unit that is not by online learning, unless the student is completing the last unit of their qualification.

Got Questions?


Our Microsoft Teams-based Online Live Stream offers a virtual classroom environment complete with break-out room functionality. This interactive platform facilitates direct and personalised engagement between instructors and learners. As a result, students engage collaboratively online alongside other students and instructor, mirroring the dynamic of an in-person classroom experience.

Yes! Our qualified trainers bring our classes directly to your students. This means that students can access high quality virtual education in the comfort of their own home! The livestreaming classes allows students to interact and participate in classes in real-time providing students the opportunity to interact and ask questions anytime. In addition, our trainers will monitor online attendance in order to maintain a satisfactory course attendance.

New students can register for Online Orientation, where they can join Live Stream Online Orientation and receive all the information required to begin their Online Studies.

During Online Orientation, students will receive:

• Digital Student ID card

• Student email

• Log in to their Student and Learning Management systems

Once students have completed their Online Orientation, they will receive an email from their student email account with a link from their trainer advising them of their Online Class Timetable. Students can then attend Online interactive Live Steam Classes from the comfort of their own home.

Students who are currently studying with us will be emailed a Microsoft Teams link to their student email account for them to attend Online Classes.

More information please contact our Student Support Team on [email protected]

If students miss their Online Classes, the class recordings will be available on our Student and Learning Management systems. Student attendance and academic progress requirements have not changed. This means students learning will not be impacted if they watch the recorded class session, however it is important to note that students’ attendance will be impacted. Our trainers will monitor online attendance in order to maintain a satisfactory course attendance.

All important information will be emailed to the students NPA email account. It is important that students check their student email account regularly.

We do not recommend that students defer their studies. By applying for course deferment, students will most likely fall behind on their proposed course progression and will not be able to graduate on time as per the date specified on their eCoE (confirmation of enrolment).

An extended period of study (enrolment) may be inevitable in order to achieve completion of their study. It is important to note that to remain lawful in Australia and continue their extended period of study (enrolment) towards completion of the course, students will be responsible for their own student visa arrangements (extension/application for new student visa). Any expenses, outcomes and risks regarding the extended period of student visa will be the students’ responsibility.

If students still choose to defer their study, they will need to confirm this to us by completing a Deferment Form available on our website: https://npa.edu.au/student-services/forms-policies/ Once completed, this form will need to be emailed to [email protected].

More information please contact our Student Support Team on [email protected]